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Magic Fuchsia Carpet Ride
March 1 - 8, 2017 at Aalto University's Learning Centre

Exhibition of course, Deleuze and Art, that I taught in the spring of 2017 at Aalto University's Visual Culture and Contemporary Art (ViCCA) Programme

Philosopher Gilles Deleuze has described nonsense as the “highest finality of sense”. Nonsense is not simply absurdity nor is it the antithesis of sense, but rather it creates contradiction and paradox. For Deleuze this paradox of nonsense is an active and pivotal mode for understanding the nature and construction of thought and learning.

Instructor: Tim Smith

Niko Tii Nurmi Sipiläinen
Matti Tanskanen
Ilai Elias Lehto
Amanda Hakoköngäs
Valeria Nekhaeva
Roee Cohen
Avner Peled
Eero Tiainen
Lari Rantalainen
Judit Flóra Schuller
Hilla Kurki
Johan Karlsson
Victoria Zolotukhina
Saara Mäntylä
Juhani Haukka