2013 > Stack

The studio plays a significant role in the production of many of my projects as not just ‘developing’ or ‘processing’ photographs, but as a site of making. The studio is also a site where failed (or perhaps just rejected) works are stored in bubble wrap or rolled up in the corner. These materials became part of the work and are given new use-value as art objects. Prints were unrolled, but their curvature formed a middle-ground, which allowed for them to stand on their own, or lean with a certain sense of stability. Each of these works take a stand against the wall in one form or another. A photograph need not rely on the wall. It can retain its indexical and representational identity, while assuming forms that challenge the way we approach the picture plane.

Juried by Wexner Center for the Arts Curator, Bill Horrigan; Juror Award for best in show in photography for Image Ohio