2011 > Re-Inhabitation

This installation is comprised of actual materials from my childhood. It is an amalgamation of ’stuff’ that I displayed in my room between the ages of 10 and 17. From the bed and dresser, to the images on the wall, the items were stored in the attic of my childhood home in Boston until I transported them in three carloads over the past four months. More than just an exercise in memory, this project recreates a ‘bedroom-as-universe’ environment that adolescents and teenagers create as territories within the home. A teenager’s bedroom could be viewed as a constructed milieu similar to installation and collage in art, as the decisions one makes in ‘curating’ one’s own space represents both the formation of personal style and a promulgation of cultural choices. These constellations of objects and images in the bedroom serve as an expression, affirmation, and negotiation of space in an effort to demarcate a private space within the family home.