Timothy Jude Smith
'Rhein 2' Magnified 3200%  
(After Andreas Gursky)
Oil on Linen
73" x 143"
2013'Rhein 2' Magnified 3200%
(After Andreas Gursky)
Studio Documentation
2013'Sunken Area' Magnified 3200% 
(After Jeff Wall)
Oil on Linen
92" x 114"
Pixel Paintings
There are art historical connections (and distancing) embedded in all of my works, but none so directly as in the ‘pixel paintings’. In Photoshop, I enlarged the center of JPEGs of well know photographers who use digital technology. The result is an image at 3200% its original scale. I wanted to retain the size of the artists’ original large scale photographic prints, but I do not have the resources to create a 6’ x 12’ inkjet print. Painting the pixilated image (while time consuming in relation to the speed of printing) is the only way I could stay true to the scale of the photographers’ original prints—which not-so-coincidentally connects to these photographers’ relationship unique to painting as well.