2018 > Ravelling Enunciations

Ravelling Enunciations (ongoing)

This is an ongoing and expanding collage made up (at this point) of over 300 high resolution informational diagrams that have been taken from their original source (found both online and from scans of images from various books).

All linguistic and scientific formula/symbol/number information has been digitally removed, leaving behind is an assemblage of drawings and graphics that once served informational (non-art) purposes to the contribution of Western/Anglo-American/Euro-centric knowledge of universal modernity and rationality, but is now stripped (or delinked) from its initial meaning and use-function, and repositioned to create new, localized, multiversal, non-rational connections, stories, tableaus, etc.

The word “ravel” can mean both to unravel (or disentangle) and to tangle or entangle. While the diagrams are disentangled from their original rational scientific meanings, they are also re-entangled into new narratives that create multiversal and non-rational meanings that venture beyond postmodern or altermodern critiques, and instead embraces “enunciation” over representation, for which decolonial theorist Walter Mignolo calls “a world that is constantly invented” rather than preexisting. Similarly, but from a western philosophical view, Gilles Deleuze views enunciations as expressions that ‘disarticulate’ and deterritorialize the universal, normative and hegemonic territory of the root tree of universal knowledge. The non-representational image of the ‘rhizome’ is not one that replaces the tree of western representation, but rather it emerges, skews, subverts, disrupts, and invents “nonsense” to traverse and weave in and out of the universal through the ravelling enunciations of the mulitversal creation of as-of-yet known knowledges.